Precision target any Location 

The most efficient and effective way to differentiate your marketing while decreasing the amount of capital it takes to achieve desired results by thousands. We do this through creating highly advanced customer profiles and targeting them in their real time location, allowing you to reach your exact target, through a highly sophisticated funnel that begins with the worlds best geofencing capability. Send ads in real-time, based on where people are. On premise targeting. Send ads to people currently in or around a store. Send ads to people in a specific area that show high visitation to a specific store. Serve ads to people at an event, festival, voting district or your competitors location. Retarget people with ads based on the locations they have already visited. Send people ads where they are based on precise weather conditions. CROSS DEVICE REACH. Mobile, CTV, OTT. Create DRIVE-TO events to measure foot traffic. Its simply a new and superior way to use marketing as an investment to increase business growth overall. Advertise anywhere in real-time, any time. Use this technique combined with Direct Mail and web development and the possibilities are endless. This service will take place over your specified time frame.